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Generating UUIDs in Javascript

I was looking for a method of generating UUIDs using Javascript and after a quick search, came across an ExtJS implementation which seemed to do the job quite nicely. However, I don’t use ExtJS so I quickly ported it to MooTools which I’m currently using for most projects ...


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Mootools iPhoto-like Image Scrubber

I’m working on a project at the moment where I wanted the ability to flick through a set of images quickly without resorting to either a full-blown gallery or a rather passé Lightbox. Instead, I looked to iPhoto ‘08 for inspiration. I particularly liked the way that photos are ...


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Hijaxing Form Submission: Writing The View

After writing about how to use Mootools to hijax form submission I thought I should follow it up with how to integrate this with the backend code. In this case it’s Django, so all of the code is contained in a view which will simply return HTML in response ...


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