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Generating UUIDs in Javascript

I was looking for a method of generating UUIDs using Javascript and after a quick search, came across an ExtJS implementation which seemed to do the job quite nicely. However, I don’t use ExtJS so I quickly ported it to MooTools which I’m currently using for most projects ...


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SquirrelFish Extreme

First there was SquirrelFish, now there is SquirrelFish Extreme. The exact nature of what SquirrelFish Extreme is isn’t quite clear at the moment given that it hasn’t yet been announced by the WebKit team. However, some initial benchmarks against TraceMonkey are beginning to appear.

Rummaging around in the ...


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V8 and JavaScriptCore Compared

Following on from the release of Google’s new Chrome browser and their corresponding V8 Javascript engine, I thought I’d see how WebKit’s JavascriptCore compares to V8 using Google’s benchmark suite.

Since I’m running on a Mac, I can’t use the browser to run the ...


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Apple's Shell Interface to JavaScriptCore

After scanning through some of the most recent changesets over at Apple’s WebKit trac, I noticed a few references to a shell interface to the javascript interpreter which allows you to execute javascript using JavaScriptCore directly. I know there are many exising tools SpiderMonkey, Rhino and others for example ...


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Hijaxing Form Submission with Mootools

Not having used the mootools Javascript library to any great extent, I thought I’d try it out on our contact form and add a bit of AJAX to get rid of the page refresh when the form gets posted.

Mootools was chosen over other libraries like YUI, script.aculo ...


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