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Finding Developers on Djangogigs

We’ve just released an update to Djangogigs which enables proximity filtering for the developer listings.

This should make it easier for potential employers to narrow down their search to a specific region or city, and help with the wider problem of navigating around some of the larger country listings ...


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Implemented MailHide for Djangogigs

I’ve just committed some changes to djangogigs to get rid of the home-made email obfuscation in the contact forms in favor of integrating with reCaptcha’s MailHide API. This should give added protection against harvesting bots.

I found this handy mailhide Django filter on Google Code which saved me ...


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Djangogigs is moving

Djangogigs has just received it’s fist major upgrade, and in the process moved to become part of Red Robot Studios.

I’ve written a post over on the Red Robot Studios blog on what we’ve added and what this change means for djangogigs in general - which is all ...


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Remote/telecommuting Gig Filtering

We have finally gotten around to adding simple filtering of remote/telecommuting gigs to the site. A significant number of people expressed the desire for the feature and we couldn’t let them down, so thought we’d better get going and add it. The changes also extend to the ...


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Djangogigs First Sponsor

Just a quick note to say thanks to Brian Chow from Full Factor Technologies for becoming the first to sponsor Djangogigs.


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Djangogigs and the feedgenerator module

Update: Sorry about the escaped markup in the community feed. That’s what happens when upgrading your working copy in a rush and not testing everything thoroughly.

It’s been a while since I’ve written any kind of django-related post, but since djangogigs got a good mention by Adrian ...


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Djangogigs - New Features

Just a quick post to outline some of the new features we’ve added to djangogigs. After a number of requests we’ve now provided developers with the ability to edit their profile, and also provided a contact form for both gigs and developers as a way to help protect ...


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Djangogigs.com Downtime

As some have noticed, django gigs was down for most of yesterday after the 123-reg.co.uk DNS servers went down for about 12 hours. Scott has now moved the domain to zoneedit.com which is a free DNS service, and hopefully the change will have propagated to most DNS ...


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djangogigs.com - From Idea to Release in 6 Hours

Yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m, Scott and I had an idea to develop a job/gig board for people looking for Django developers. I know there’s the Developers for Hire page which shows some projects, and there are also some posted in the Google groups but there didn ...


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