Generating UUIDs in Javascript

I was looking for a method of generating UUIDs using Javascript and after a quick search, came across an ExtJS implementation which seemed to do the job quite nicely. However, I don’t use ExtJS so I quickly ported it to MooTools which I’m currently using for most projects ...


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Finding Developers on Djangogigs

We’ve just released an update to Djangogigs which enables proximity filtering for the developer listings.

This should make it easier for potential employers to narrow down their search to a specific region or city, and help with the wider problem of navigating around some of the larger country listings ...


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A Refreshing Change

It’s been over two years since I first launched this site, and there came a point recently when I felt it needed a complete refresh.

So, I sat down and hammered out all new code, scrapped the UI in favor of something minimal with far better typography, and removed ...


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Implemented MailHide for Djangogigs

I’ve just committed some changes to djangogigs to get rid of the home-made email obfuscation in the contact forms in favor of integrating with reCaptcha’s MailHide API. This should give added protection against harvesting bots.

I found this handy mailhide Django filter on Google Code which saved me ...


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Red Robot Studios Part 3: Early next week

Now that this stage of the djangogigs update is complete I’ll make sure to get the next part of the RRS series up soon - hopefully, early next week.

Again, apologies for the earlier broken link.


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Djangogigs is moving

Djangogigs has just received it’s fist major upgrade, and in the process moved to become part of Red Robot Studios.

I’ve written a post over on the Red Robot Studios blog on what we’ve added and what this change means for djangogigs in general - which is all ...


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Upcoming Series: The Django Tech Behind Red Robot Studios

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched a new development company: Red Robot Studios. We’re really excited, and have a great feeling about the things we’ll be able to do with the company over the coming months.

Red Robot Studios, (and it’s products) all ...


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Remote/telecommuting Gig Filtering

We have finally gotten around to adding simple filtering of remote/telecommuting gigs to the site. A significant number of people expressed the desire for the feature and we couldn’t let them down, so thought we’d better get going and add it. The changes also extend to the ...


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SquirrelFish Extreme

First there was SquirrelFish, now there is SquirrelFish Extreme. The exact nature of what SquirrelFish Extreme is isn’t quite clear at the moment given that it hasn’t yet been announced by the WebKit team. However, some initial benchmarks against TraceMonkey are beginning to appear.

Rummaging around in the ...


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V8 and JavaScriptCore Compared

Following on from the release of Google’s new Chrome browser and their corresponding V8 Javascript engine, I thought I’d see how WebKit’s JavascriptCore compares to V8 using Google’s benchmark suite.

Since I’m running on a Mac, I can’t use the browser to run the ...


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Apple's Shell Interface to JavaScriptCore

After scanning through some of the most recent changesets over at Apple’s WebKit trac, I noticed a few references to a shell interface to the javascript interpreter which allows you to execute javascript using JavaScriptCore directly. I know there are many exising tools SpiderMonkey, Rhino and others for example ...


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Djangogigs First Sponsor

Just a quick note to say thanks to Brian Chow from Full Factor Technologies for becoming the first to sponsor Djangogigs.


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ValuesQuerySet changes POST-qs-rf merge

Update: As Malcolm has commented below, the issue described here was in fact a bug which has now been fixed.

Just a quick note regarding of one area of change since the merge of the queryset-refactor branch into the trunk which has broken a specific use-case of the ValuesQuerySet.

To ...


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Djangogigs and the feedgenerator module

Update: Sorry about the escaped markup in the community feed. That’s what happens when upgrading your working copy in a rush and not testing everything thoroughly.

It’s been a while since I’ve written any kind of django-related post, but since djangogigs got a good mention by Adrian ...


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Mootools iPhoto-like Image Scrubber

I’m working on a project at the moment where I wanted the ability to flick through a set of images quickly without resorting to either a full-blown gallery or a rather passé Lightbox. Instead, I looked to iPhoto ‘08 for inspiration. I particularly liked the way that photos are ...


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Djangogigs - New Features

Just a quick post to outline some of the new features we’ve added to djangogigs. After a number of requests we’ve now provided developers with the ability to edit their profile, and also provided a contact form for both gigs and developers as a way to help protect ...


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As some have noticed, django gigs was down for most of yesterday after the DNS servers went down for about 12 hours. Scott has now moved the domain to which is a free DNS service, and hopefully the change will have propagated to most DNS ...


Read » - From Idea to Release in 6 Hours

Yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m, Scott and I had an idea to develop a job/gig board for people looking for Django developers. I know there’s the Developers for Hire page which shows some projects, and there are also some posted in the Google groups but there didn ...


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Hijaxing Form Submission: Writing The View

After writing about how to use Mootools to hijax form submission I thought I should follow it up with how to integrate this with the backend code. In this case it’s Django, so all of the code is contained in a view which will simply return HTML in response ...


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Hijaxing Form Submission with Mootools

Not having used the mootools Javascript library to any great extent, I thought I’d try it out on our contact form and add a bit of AJAX to get rid of the page refresh when the form gets posted.

Mootools was chosen over other libraries like YUI, script.aculo ...


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HTML vs XHTML: Choosing the best tool for the job

Over the last few years there has been an increasing trend for web designers/developers to favor the use of XHTML over HTML. Why has this happened? Well, probably it’s because a lot of big-name web designers and standards gurus have preached the perceived benefits of XHTML over boring ...


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