Finding Developers on Djangogigs

We’ve just released an update to Djangogigs which enables proximity filtering for the developer listings.

This should make it easier for potential employers to narrow down their search to a specific region or city, and help with the wider problem of navigating around some of the larger country listings e.g. the US which has about 180 developers.

We’ve built these changes on top of the excellent django.contrib.gis app and v3 of Google’s geocoding service: Combine the two and you get snappy, accurate filtering.

Also, you can now follow Djangogigs on Twitter and hear about gigs as soon as they are added.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.



  1. 墨尔本 §

    Great job.


  2. Håkan W §

    Why don't you mash this up with which has a bigger database of active django developers? That would give better results and a better service overall.