Upcoming Series: The Django Tech Behind Red Robot Studios

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just launched a new development company: Red Robot Studios. We’re really excited, and have a great feeling about the things we’ll be able to do with the company over the coming months.

Red Robot Studios, (and it’s products) all run on Django, Python, Postgres and Nginx. So, with that in mind, and over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be writing some articles on the most interesting aspects of the code and technology we’ve developed for the company.

Our first app is a lightweight SaaS job board called easyjobboards which is, in part, based on the work we did for Djangogigs. It is brand new and deliberately lightweight so we can let the feedback of users dictate the direction we take with its development. That’s the whole philosophy behind what we’re doing: give users the opportunity to steer.

We get great enjoyment from using Django and all our other tools, so we want to share what we’ve learned along the way and give something back to the community.

See you next week for part one!


If you have any feedback on what we’re doing or or apps, you can post them on our Get Satisfaction page. We’d love to hear what the community thinks!



  1. Uzi §

    Lookin' forward to it…

    In the meantime, congrats and good luck!