- From Idea to Release in 6 Hours

Yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m, Scott and I had an idea to develop a job/gig board for people looking for Django developers. I know there’s the Developers for Hire page which shows some projects, and there are also some posted in the Google groups but there didn’t seem to be a good dedicated site just for this purpose, so we thought we’d give it a go.

Since we’re both freelance developers and used to work together, we thought we’d set ourselves a challenge and see if we could get this project from idea to live in 6 hours, using Gizmo IM to communicate. The product of this little experiment is which we’re hoping people will find useful - and if they do, we’ll probably continue to develop it and add more features (suggestions welcome!).

We kept our feature list deliberately small to only include features that could realistically be implemented in 6 hours once we had factored in additional tasks like:

  • Picking a name and registering the domain
  • Coming up with a color scheme and layout
  • Configuring the web server and mailserver
  • Doing some testing

We settled on these as our bare-bones feature set:

  • An index page
  • A info page for the gig
  • An Add gig page
  • An RSS feed for gigs
  • A Sitemap

As you will probably be aware, Django makes adding these features easy and it really only took a couple of hours to have them all completed. The majority of the time was spent on creating the templates, fiddling with the markup and CSS and the server configuration.

The site went live at 8 p.m. last night, marking the end of our 6 hour deadline. And although the site is only small, it’s good to see a working product after such a short period of time.

We hope someone finds it useful!



  1. Simon Willison §

    The site looks great. Are you planning on adding a “Developers available” section for freelance Django developers who are available for contracts?


  2. Antonio Ognio §

    I would be lovely to see a report on how you used the 6 hours time for each fase of the tiny project: creating the models, views, etc.

    Being such a tiny project do you mind releasing the source code? It would be a very nice example for new django developers.

    I'd also suggest to encode the mail address as hex values or something better to avoid spambots collecting them.

    Nice work!



  3. Antonio Ognio §

    This could be useful:

    It has an API:

    An a Python library available:

    Hope that helps.


  4. Andrew §

    Yeah, we probably will add something like that - it would round it off nicely!

    @ Antonio:
    I think we probably will release the source at some point. Maybe after we've done some more work on it. Thanks for the captcha links, we didn't have time to add any spam-prevention. Probably best to do that soon!


  5. Batiste §

    Great. I will be watching the feed.


  6. Rutherstone §

    I don't see a link for the RSS feed on the site.


  7. Andrew §

    It should just show up in your location bar if you're using a browser with built-in RSS support e.g. Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE 7. Failing that, the address is


  8. Rafael SDM Sierra §

    Andrew, can you upgrade this to an location-based system? So peoples can find projects in your our countrys (like here in Brazil) ;)


  9. Zsolt §

    May I ask what where do you host the application? The site loads really fast!


  10. Andrew §

    The site is hosted in the same location as this site - although not on the same VPS.

    We both write tight markup and code so the site should stay fast. The total page size (HTML, CSS and images etc) is about 9KB at the moment.


  11. Scott §

    A bit more background on the hosting: It's a Xen VPS with 128 MB RAM running Debian. The web server is Lighttpd with Django running through FastCGI with a PostgreSQL database.

    The server is physically located in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been really pleased with the performance and uptime of the VPS from Xtraordinary Hosting.