Djangogigs - New Features

Just a quick post to outline some of the new features we’ve added to djangogigs. After a number of requests we’ve now provided developers with the ability to edit their profile, and also provided a contact form for both gigs and developers as a way to help protect users’ email addresses from harvesting by bots.

We decided to try out a token-based URL scheme to authorize editing so people don’t have to create an account and remember another password. Developers can request a unique URL by visiting their profile and following the “how to edit” link. This will send an email containing the URL to the address given in the profile. Once received, you can then edit your profile at any point. If you forget it, simply request a reminder again.

We’ve provided a contact form to allow users to reach both developers and gig owners without having to reveal the contact address on the page. The form simply gathers the info and constructs an email which is sent to the gig’s/developer’s address - none of the information is stored or recorded in any way, it’s simply used to create the email.

Alternatively, for those who want to send the email themselves, a rendering of the email address is provided at the top of the page. Depending on what you guys think we can always tweak these features to make them more useful and user-friendly. Maybe make the rendering more CAPTCHA-like?

We will be adding editing functionality to the gigs side at some point, and grouping developers by location/country (which a number of people have requested) for the developer list. We will probably randomize the default developer list as to not unfairly promote developers whose names appear near the start of the alphabet. We’re hoping to get these features out relatively soon and as always, any other ideas or comments are welcome.

Hope you find these features useful.